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pgAdmin 4: QA YUM repository

Supported platforms:

- RHEL/CentOS 7 & 8 (x86_64)
- Fedora 31 & 32 (x86_64)

To use this repository, first uninstall any pgAdmin repo packages that you may 
already have installed, for example; 'sudo rpm -e pgadmin4-fedora-repo' or 
'sudo rpm -e pgadmin4-redhat-repo'. 

Then to setup the repository for this set of builds on Fedora run:

sudo rpm -i

On Redhat or CentOS, run:

sudo rpm -i

To install pgAdmin, run one of the following commands:

# Install for both desktop and web modes.
sudo yum install pgadmin4

# Install for desktop mode only.
sudo yum install pgadmin4-desktop

# Install for web mode only. 
sudo yum install pgadmin4-web 

Finally, if you have installed pgadmin4 or pgadmin4-web, run the web setup 
script to configure the system to run in web mode:

sudo /usr/pgadmin4/bin/